Abs-olutely Obsessed with this Workout!

Having a strong core is key to any type of exercise, which is why ab training is so important to anyone from professional athletes to the average gym-goer. They call it your “core” for a reason – because your abs are at the center of good posture and channeling inner strength while running, lifting, jumping, etc.

Over the years, I’ve created a quick and effective ab routine that has strengthened my core and helped me lose a lot of excess belly fat… and I want to share the wealth! Stick to this routine 2-3 times a week over the next few weeks and you will see and feel a difference.

Follow each step below and repeat the whole routine 3 times. This should take about 15 minutes to complete!

  1. Crunches – 55 normal crunches. Tip – if you crunch with your hands behind your head, make sure you are not using arm strength to lift your head. Focus on exclusively lifting from your abs.
  2. Obliques – Transition from crunch position by keeping your knees together but spreading your feet apart (about shoulder width). Place your arms out straight on each side, pointing your fingertips towards your knees. Crunch up and keep your head and shoulders raised. Reach one arm forward trying to reach your toes and then switch sides. Repeat 35 times (on each side).
  3. Bicycles – Bicycle crunch 35 times (on each side). Tip – the slower you go, the more engaged your abs are. Also, focus on straightening your leg as far out as you can to make the exercise more difficult.
  4. Leg Raises – Lay flat on your back with your legs straight in the air. While keeping your legs as straight as possible, lower them until they are about an inch off the ground, and then raise them back up to starting position. Tip – if this hurts your lower back, place your hands (palms down) under your back side for added support. Repeat 15 times.
  5. Twists – Sit up and raise your legs about an inch off the ground. Engage your core to remain balanced, and twist from side to side, tapping the floor next to each hip as you go. Tip – to make it more difficult, hold an 8-10 pound weight or medicine ball while twisting. Repeat 25 times (on each side).

Feel free to reach out if you have questions about ANY of the exercises. Also, please COMMENT with your progress – I’d love to see what you think of the workout and how it has helped you! 

Published by ASHLEY ♥

As an avid runner and advocate for health and wellness, many have asked me where I find my motivation. The answer is that in 2013 I was forty pounds overweight and unknowingly putting my health at severe risk. By educating myself and making smarter choices, I have not only returned to a healthy weight, but I have completely changed my lifestyle and am living more confidently than ever. Because of my experiences, I have made it my mission to share my tips & tricks with others and help motivate you to live your healthiest and best life. Experience: 13.1 X 12 - PR 1:50:54, 26.2 X 3 - PR 4:37:10, 10K - 49:55, 5K - 23:56, Orangetheory Fitness Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, RRCA Certified Running Coach

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