My name is Ashley, and I started running when I was 12 years old, solely because I did not make the Girls Basketball team. In 7th grade you cannot be cool unless you are involved in something, and Cross cropped-profile-picCountry did not require tryouts or coordination. At first it was a way to make friends and keep myself occupied after school – a “resume builder” so to speak. I didn’t expect to like running, let alone LOVE it (this process took a while, trust me). Little did I know a 1.5 mile race once a week would lead to countless benefits, both physically and mentally, making every muscle ache and struggle worth it.

Fast forward 15+ years and thousands of miles later, and you’re looking at a TWO time marathoner (including one world major) and TEN time half marathoner. While I may not be the fastest runner around, I have learned a thing or two about the sport that translates into all aspects of my life (and have even lost and kept off 40 pounds in the process)! 


In addition to running, I have an overall passion and enthusiasm for fitness and leading a healthy LIFESTYLE. I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Orangetheory Fitness Coach looking to share what I’ve learned through my wellness journey. I love helping others, and my hope is that my story will help inspire YOU to live a happy, healthy, and confident life! What you will find in my blog and on my Instagram is a collection of real moments, inspiration, and new ideas to help you make a LIFESTYLE change rather than chasing a quick fix diet.

As you follow along, feel free to comment, contact me, or start a discussion so that I can be a resource to you throughout your journey! Happy Running!