Product Review: Coffee Over Cardio

Coffee. For some, it is necessity. For others it is a treat. For many it is an acquired taste. For me, it is all three! I started my coffee journey in high school. Our after school hang out spot was the local Caribou Coffee across the street, and since it was the cool thing toContinue reading “Product Review: Coffee Over Cardio”

Training for Strength vs. Training for Endurance

Do you know the difference? Both Strength and Endurance training are important components to your workout plan. It is important to diversify your rep counts, weight choices, types of movements, etc. to achieve results. Of course, depending on your goals, you may do MORE strength if you’re trying to gain muscle mass or you mayContinue reading “Training for Strength vs. Training for Endurance”

Treadmill Tuesday: Build Endurance AND Speed

Today’s Treadmill Tuesday workout can actually be done on the treadmill OR outside (no excuses not to get it done!) I credit this run to my High School cross country coach – I’ve been using the basic principles of this run for over 10 years now and it has never failed me!  The goal isContinue reading “Treadmill Tuesday: Build Endurance AND Speed”