My name is Ashley, and I started running when I was 12 years old, solely because I did not make the Girls Basketball team. In 7th grade you cannot be cool unless you are involved in something, and Cross cropped-profile-picCountry did not require tryouts or coordination. At first it was a way to make friends and keep myself occupied after school – a “resume builder” so to speak. I didn’t expect to like running, let alone LOVE it (this process took a while, trust me). Little did I know a 1.5 mile race once a week would lead to countless benefits, both physically and mentally, making every muscle ache and struggle worth it.

Fast forward 18+ years and thousands of miles later, and you’re looking at a THREE time marathoner (including two world majors) and a FIFTEEN time half marathoner. Over the years I have learned a thing or two about the sport that translates into all aspects of my life (and have even lost and kept off 40 pounds in the process)! 


Through my own training with a focus on improved nutrition, I dropped my half marathon PR from 2:28 to 1:50:54. My next goal is a sub 1:50 half! After several years of running half marathons, I decided to train for full marathons. In 2018 I ran my first marathon and have brought my PR from 4:44 to 4:37:10 in under one year. I am training for a sub 4:15 hour marathon and hope to run all of the world majors someday!

In addition to running, I have an overall passion and enthusiasm for fitness and leading a healthy LIFESTYLE. I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, RRCA Certified Running Coach and Orangetheory Fitness Coach looking to share what I’ve learned through my wellness journey. I love helping others, and my hope is that my story will help inspire YOU to live a happy, healthy, and confident life! What you will find in my blog and on my Instagram is a collection of real moments, inspiration, and new ideas to help you make a LIFESTYLE change rather than chasing a quick fix diet.

In addition to my social media pages and blog, I recently launched RWA Coaching which offers running and strength training plans to help you achieve all of your goals and then some!

As you follow along, feel free to comment, contact me, or start a discussion so that I can be a resource to you throughout your journey! Happy Running!

– RRCA Certified Running Coach
– NASM Certified Personal Trainer
– OrangeTheory Fitness Head Coach
– 3+ Years Experience Personal Training
– 18+ Years of Running/Racing Experience
– AMPT Running Ambassador and Blogger

1 Mile – 6:21
5K (3.1 Miles) – 22:53
10K (6.2 Miles) – 49:55
8 Miles – 66:02
Half Marathon (13.1 Miles) – 1:50:54
Marathon (26.2 Miles) – 4:37:10

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