From Gym to Gorgeous – it’s all in the bag: Mastering the QTA!

From Gym to Gorgeous – it’s all in the bag: Mastering the QTA!

If you have a hectic schedule like me, sometimes the only time you can get a run or workout in is over your lunch break. I used to be too scared to do this, because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get ready quick enough after a workout and make it back to work in time, which led to a lot of missed workouts. After many years in the post-college working world, I have finally perfected the Quick Turnaround that I like to call, from gym to gorgeous! NOTE: this is NOT a paid post, everything is from my own experience 🙂


Rule #1: It’s all about pre-planning and having a well stocked gym bag. I always keep, at minimum, the following items in my bag:

  • 2 sets of workout clothes
  • Running shoes (of course!)
  • Shampoo & Conditioner OR Dry Shampoo: I am intentional with this because usually if I workout in the middle of my work day I am likely to wash my hair two times in one day. I prefer OGX Coconut Milk because I am a HUGE believer in coconut oil and using it in your hair as much as possible
  • Body Wash: my go-to is Bath & Body works, because I always have a free coupon AND can change my scents as often as I change clothes!
  • Davine’s OI All in One Milk: I swear by this stuff! For anyone who washes their hair a lot, this keeps it smooth AND healthy throughout heat, washing, and styling.
  • Fekkai Brilliant Smoothing Cream: another product I live for! I have been using this for at least 7 years and it is the ONLY thing that keeps my hair from frizzing in humidity, heat, sweat, etc. Best part is you can use this without even straightening, which is helpful and healthy!
  • Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover: THE smoothest remover I’ve ever tried. You don’t have to tug at your eye and cause wrinkles, and it takes off even the toughest of water proof mascaras. It even takes off temporary tattoos in 1-2 swipes!
  • Lip gloss. perfume, & accessories, of course!

Rule #2: Shower FAST, and it’s up to you if you want to skip the shampoo! Many people feel like they have to skip the shampoo if they’re in a hurry. For me, that’s just not feasible. If your hair gets too greasy for dry shampoo – wash it! If you can use dry shampoo – go for it! Either way, my tip for showering quickly to maximize your time is to take a cold shower. Not only is this healthier for your hair, but you’ll cool down faster and will be less likely to linger.

Rule #3: Have everything organized in your locker, so you can grab and go. Hang up your clothes beforehand, take your supplies out of your gym bag, etc. Whatever you can do up front to help make it easier, DO IT!

Rule #4: Grab and Go! Start with your hair & go with whatever is natural – that will be the fastest way to style. For me, my hair is naturally wavy. I brush it through, throw in some scrunching gel, and blow dry for a few minutes until it is mostly dry. It will air dry the rest of the way while I am touching up my makeup and driving back to the office (and I’ll add the smoothing cream before I dash out the door). From there, swipe on some concealer, lip gloss, and mascara for a quick out the door look and you’re good to go! This whole thing takes me 20 minutes at most.

The key takeaway here is to, like anything in life, be prepared! The more organized you are, the less time you’ll spend on fumbling for your products, and the more time you’ll have to put yourself back together and get back to the office quickly. I can usually get in a 40 minute workout, get ready, and get back to my office all in 65-75 minutes. If I can do it, you can too!