Health is a Long-Term Investment

Health is a Long-Term Investment

In our society today, so many of us focus on diet and exercise as a way to look good right now, which don’t get me wrong is a great benefit. We try all of these “get rich quick” diet schemes that promise to quickly and drastically change how we look, but almost all of them are unrealistic and not sustainable long term.

As a whole, we need to start changing the way we think about diet and exercise. Being healthy should be a LIFESTYLE. It takes consistent time, energy, and focus day in and day out in order to see long-term, lasting results.

#RealTalk … Many of us financially plan for retirement by investing in a 401K. But I challenge you to reflect and ask yourself, what are you doing to invest in your health for retirement? What you do TODAY will impact you LATER in life and could help you prevent so many chronic illnesses.

Many people ask me how I can remain so focused, and what my end goal is because I have already achieved my “goal weight”. For me, there are two things. First, I want to continuously IMPROVE. I never want to remain stagnant. Second, I want to be around for a long time to watch my future family grow up, take care of them, and be a positive role model in their lives.

A friend shared this article with me yesterday and I absolutely love It for so many reasons, but mainly what I mentioned above. We get one body, and one shot at this life. Why not invest in yourself and make yourself and your health a priority? To find the best “medicine”, sometimes It comes from within.

How do you envision your future, and what are you doing to invest in your health to insure that future? 💪🏼 Check out the article HERE and stay tuned for more on this topic!