Losing More than Weight: The Part of a Weight Loss Transformation No One Ever Talks About

Losing More than Weight: The Part of a Weight Loss Transformation No One Ever Talks About

FROM THE ARCHIVES, Original Post January 10, 2020 - It’s a New Year which means we all have new goals – many of them involving losing weight, getting in shape, eating better, etc…. the list goes on! For some of us, this could be the first step in a new fitness journey and for others this could be an opportunity for a re-set! Whatever your goals might be, congratulations for starting your very own fitness journey because getting started is the hardest part – and you’re already there!

There are obviously so many benefits to a weight loss journey besides losing weight. You become a healthier version of you for the long term (inside and out), you will likely gain confidence and try things you would’ve never tried before you embarked on your journey, and you might even meet some new people who share your same vision and inspire you along the way. The list of positives goes on, but there is one part of a weight loss journey that no one ever tells you about… and I’m going to open up about it in hopes that it helps you along the way!

When you start to become a NEW YOU, you become interested in new things and your focus shifts. Something magical happens and you become this shiny, new and improved version of your self. Some things stay the same (and don’t get me wrong, you will always be YOU), but your priorities will change. You might not be partying every weekend, you might not be going out to eat every night, you might have to say NO to things you normally wouldn’t have in order to get a workout in, and you might even be HAPPY with yourself (and dare I say CONFIDENT?)! All of these are INCREDIBLE THINGS and should be celebrated by not only you, but those close to you.

However, the reality of it is, not everyone is on this enlightening journey that you are on. While that is 100% okay, not everyone will be understanding that we are all different and might be in different places in life! TBH going through a fitness journey brings out the BEST IN YOU, but it can also bring out the worst in other people. At some point, there will be people that you have known for a very long time who you might not expect, that you longer have things in common with. There will be people who are a bit jealous of your new found confidence, happiness, and/or weight loss. There might even be people that are upset because they feel you left them behind by changing your interests. For these reasons, they may get mad at you or walk out of your life and even BLAME YOU! In reality, YOU DID NOTHING WRONG (please know that), but it still happens.

When I started to lose a lot of weight and get really into running, NO ONE TOLD ME THIS! I think the reason no one talks about this is because it doesn’t make for a happy-go-lucky post, but I want to BE REAL with you. I am sharing allll of this because it happened to me firsthand and I noticed it most when I was my most confident and happy self. I lost my best friend and many other close friends who ultimately showed me their true colors.

The GOOD NEWS is there are people out there who DO want you to be happy – and just like those negative people showed their true colors, your supporters and biggest fans will show their true colors too. PLUS, fitness and weight loss is the perfect way to meet like minded people who do want you to succeed and want to celebrate your journey with you. FIND THESE PEOPLE AND HOLD THEM CLOSE TO YOUR HEART – THEY ARE YOUR PEOPLE! When you’re on a weight loss journey – NOTHING should stand in your way and having a strong support network is CRITICAL to your success.

SO, all that being said, I’m sharing the unpopular opinion/topic because I want you to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. This could happen to you and if it does, don’t let it break you down or deter you from your goals! You might be thinking “easier said than done”, and I get it…. It’s not easy to be left behind for something you are proud of, and it’s definitely not easy to leave someone you love behind…. but think about the risks. If you choose to keep someone in your life who is a negative influence, remember, you become who you spend the most time with. Ask yourself WHO DO YOU WANT TO BECOME on this transformation journey? Do you want to GROW? You will receive what you put out into the world and I’m a firm believer in moving forward. If someone leaves you behind because of your success, were they really ever a true friend in the first place?

This year I challenge you to focus your energy on REAL RELATIONSHIPS – the kind that bring JOY to your life and build you up rather than bring you down, because YOU DESERVE IT and should NEVER FEEL BAD about being confident, happy, and HEALTHY.

At the end of the day, you gotta do you and worry about yourself. This is what will help you reach those goals, and anyone who doesn’t support that doesn’t deserve you. Self care is not selfish…. always remember that. ❤