Product Review: Coffee Over Cardio

Product Review: Coffee Over Cardio

Coffee. For some, it is necessity. For others it is a treat. For many it is an acquired taste. For me, it is all three! I started my coffee journey in high school. Our after school hang out spot was the local Caribou Coffee across the street, and since it was the cool thing to do, I started drinking sugar, creamer, and whipped cream with a side of coffee. Eventually, I graduated to coffee for necessity, and began drinking it regular with cream & sugar – iced or hot, it didn’t matter, as long as it got me through every late night cramming session and helped me pass my finals (in both high school and college)!

“Coffee is always a good idea!”

– Thank you Gilmore Girls, because truer words have never been spoken!

Eventually, I entered the real world where coffee was even MORE necessary, both from a caffeine perspective, but also a happiness factor! Something about the smell and the taste brought me comfort, and I loved knowing it would be there to help me start off every work day. I’ve tried it all – plain old coffee grounds from Folgers, Keurig cups, Nespresso, Starbucks, Caribou, local coffee shops, gas station coffee, McDonalds, Chick-fil-a….. you get the idea. You name it, I’ve tried it.


The answer is yes. To all of the questions. Here’s how:

  • Ordering Options: There are several flavor options on their website PLUS accessories – the cutest clothes, reusable k-cups for easy brewing, and more!
  • Packaging: Once you’ve placed your order, your box of joy arrives with THE cutest packaging/presentation – inside and out. Talk about a first impression! ❤
  • Ease and Diversity of Use: Their coffee comes ground, which means you can put it in a regular coffee maker, you can put it in a reusable k-cup (for people like me who need a little extra assistance), and/or you can turn it into iced coffee/cold brewed coffee! Talk about OPTIONS!
  • TASTE: The MOST IMPORTANT part! I have NEVER, I repeat NEVER enjoyed or tolerated drinking ANY kind of coffee black… until Coffee Over Cardio. My favorite is Messy Bun Cinnamon flavor – it is SO SMOOTH. I tried it black, as well as added my regular nut milk + stevia. Both ways are truly amazing. One is super sweet and the other is super smooth.
  • Smell: You know that smell that reminds you of home? The cozy kind that reminds you of fall, the holidays, family, happiness, etc? Coffee Over Cardio quite literally bagged that smell up and the result is happiness brewed in a cup!

Bottom line? Coffee Over Cardio is a MUST TRY. I wouldn’t give a positive review OR rep something I didn’t believe in or use regularly. Coffee Over Cardio is my GO TO in my morning routine – I am EXCITED to wake up every morning knowing it will be there for me.

Want to get your hands on some? CLICK HERE and order using code 10runwithashley to save 10% off your order. CHEERS!