Self-Care in Sunny California

Self-Care in Sunny California

FROM THE ARCHIVES - Original Post May 13, 2019: Sometimes all you need is a little sunshine and a weekend a way with a girl friend to refresh and rejuvenate your soul! If the struggle is real – head to Palm Springs for the perfect spa retreat and weekend getaway (just don’t go during Coachella and expect to be relaxed!) We actually went one weekend before Coachella because prices were way more affordable then – early bird gets the worm!

Anytime you travel, whether it be for a spa weekend with friends, a romantic getaway, travel with family, etc. it is EASY to let your goals fall to the wayside. While I’m the first person to try out a local dessert or enjoy an extra sugary cocktail, I also love to stick close to my plan to avoid digestive issues and an overall feeling of “blah-ness” that sometimes sinks in by overindulging on too many off the plan items.

It’s less about a diet and more about feeling GOOD (rather than overly bloated) while on vacation. I’m all about treating myself when it’s worth it, and sticking with healthy items in between. As an example of what I’m talking about, I wanted to share the details of my trip and HOW how I stayed healthy and more importantly, NOT BLOATED in Palm Springs.

Indian Wells Resort

First, researching your hotel is KEY to helping stick to your plan. We stayed at Indian Wells Resort and Spa which had INCREDIBLE restaurants onsite that offered a lot of healthy (and non-healthy) options. I knew this, because I looked it up in advance. Like every day life, staying healthy on a trip takes meal planning (just a different kind of prep!) They also had a fitness center (this is a MUST HAVE when I’m booking a hotel) and a spa. Naturally, we spent the entire Day One in the day spa, soaking up the sun, getting mani/pedis, and massages. Later that evening we grabbed dinner onsite and enjoyed FRESH and DELICIOUS foods with live acoustic music. Low key, and perfect! Check out my day 1 menu:

  • Lunch: Fresh iced tea with locally sourced fruits plus fresh shrimp tacos – INCREDIBLE!
  • Dinner: Grilled Brussel sprouts with bacon bits (the best Brussels I’ve ever had!) plus a cold shrimp salad with a glass of wine!

Day Two started off with a 45 min treadmill workout at the fitness center, a dip in the pool, and then a day full of shopping! We had a mini photo sesh, grabbed another meal overlooking a golf course, and just enjoyed some much needed girl talk!

  • Breakfast: Fresh yogurt parfait plus my go-to iced coffee with almond milk and stevia.
  • Lunch: Fresh Cobb Salad, dressing on the side, with a sparkling champagne cocktail (tip: I choose champagne based cocktails because champagne is lower cal and lower sugar than other alcohol bases).
  • Snack: Grabbed some egg white bites at Starbucks – light, cost effective, and a great on the go shopping snack. Plus more coffee (OF COURSE)!
  • Dinner: Treated myself to a tomato mozzarella flat bread that was so worth every bite! Enjoyed it with a martini as well – zero food regrets here!

Day Three we explored a local coffee shop and then headed home. A quick trip packed with tons of time to reflect in the desert.

  • Breakfast: Hot coffee with almond milk + treated myself to one of the shops’ famous muffins.
  • Lunch at the airport: Cobb salad, with vinaigrette on the side, plus a few sweet potato fries (the airport still counts as vacay).

Overall, I felt like I enjoyed the foods I wanted, without overindulging and feeling sick the entire trip! In the beginning it takes discipline and dedication, but over time as you start to travel after changing your mindset, it is just a LIFESTYLE and second nature. You find yourself CRAVING those fresh ingredients like I did, and those things DO make you happy! Not to mention, life and vacations are about MORE than just what you eat. Ask yourself “Would I eat this at home, and if not, is it something that I can’t get anywhere else but here?” That’s how I determine when to indulge and when to hang back. At the end of the day, whatever you do, make sure that it makes you HAPPY.